Most Google Accounts Don’t Use Two-Factor Authentication

The New Google Account Protection: Is it Worth It?

The two-factor authentication process is for those who need the extra security for their Google accounts. The ironic thing is, many Google users have yet to consider using it for their accounts.

Why Not?

According to an engineer at Google, the percentage of those who have adopted the process so far is less than 10%. Users are afraid to take the leap to a larger scale. The two-factor offers the type of protection users want from hackers, but does not seem to make a difference because the convenience they are used to is gone.

Your Account

You enter your password and a special code to access your account. The special code is sent to your phone. The mere fact that the code is being sent to your phone is a reason for many of you to say “no”. Users feel there is too much hassle and do not want to deal with it.

Other Reasons Why Users Are Not Embracing Two-Factor Authentication

First, you are not comfortable sharing information, such as telephone number, with an online service. You may have been hacked by less-effective protection before. You feel as though you are not willing to take the chance. Google understands that and they are working on ways to resolve it. Some of you might take a lot longer to convince than others will. Once you get hacked, you lose your trust in a lot of things.

The Hard Facts

Online data goes through thousands of hands every day. Google is doing its best to offer great options, options that will hopefully convince you to move forward with the protection. Only time will tell whether or not they work through their fears and embrace what Google is offering.

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